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11 Super Herbs and Spices That Lower Blood Sugar By Eric Whitfield and Amanda Feerson


There was no way I could prepare for the impact of discovering my wife had diabetes, or what that would mean for our family and our future. That moment completely changed our lives, turned everything upside down, and only worsened as time went on and my wife experienced numerous diabetic symptoms and complications.

You are about to discover the 11 herbs and spices which will positively impact your blood sugar levels. These precious substances are packed with diabetesfighting, blood sugar reducing bioactive compounds
Not only does orthodox medical treatment for diabetes come with nasty side effects but they can really cause a dent in your bank account; what I am about to share with you doesn’t do either of those things. There is no downside. The time has come to look at diabetes in a new light, a perspective you will find in this eBook and the protocol I will introduce you to shortly.

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Are you ready for your view on health and diabetes to totally change? Because I can assure you, that after you are through reading these pages, looking at the evidence and digesting the life-transforming information, nothing will look the same. Not only will you discover the potential of the 11 super herbs and spices for their blood sugar lowering abilities, but you will be also introduced a breakthrough protocol reverse the effect of diabetes on your body and life.

You may be new to using herbs, spices and food for their medicinal value, yet they are a fundamental component for good personal health. They are not to be overlooked. The #1 antidiabetic drug used to treat diabetes—metformin— actually has it’s origin from a biguanide compound isolated from French lilac. And it is these same naturally-potent sources which lay at the heart of my simple 60second protocol to reverse diabetes. But more about that later… first, let’s look at 11 herbs and spices that can help reduce your blood sugar levels naturally.

Sincerely, Eric Whitfield
11 Super Herbs and Spices That Lower Blood Sugar By Eric Whitfield and Amanda Feerson

Aloe Vera

This prickly succulent, filled with a thick, slimy gel has been utilized throughout history for it’s cooling, healing and soothing properties. These amazing properties are the result of aloe’s active compounds: anthraquinones, lectins, and mannans. The gel is incorporated into a number of personal care, health and beauty products because of it’s strong anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used both externally and internally, and when used internally—in the form of juice—has a direct impact on blood glucose levels. Studies have shown that aloe vera extract can regulate fasting blood glucose levels in prediabetics within 4 weeks, and reverse lipid profile levels within just 8 weeks. It is the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant nature of aloe that targets diabetically-weakened areas of the body, for example, pancreatic beta cell damage caused by oxidative stress. The antioxidant potential of aloe is responsible for a lot of it’s positive effects. Some additional benefits of aloe: it encourages faster healing, decreases blood lipids and reduces the swelling and inflammation of skin ulcers and wounds.

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