Thanks for visiting, We are excited about “Captain and Tenneille.com,” for that it is a platform for Our Locally “Mom & Pop’s” Stores. Independent Entrepreneurs, Services, Products and so much more!

A little bit about this website and what it can do for you. UNDERSTAND ITS A FREE SERVICE FOR ALL. Captainandtenneille.com is about helping business owners and independent designers, artists, shop owners, stores, contractors, skilled professionals; independent businesses and so, so, so much more.

TKP created Captainandtenneille.com so that we can connect the world with locally owned and ran products/services in your area and to gain the expose that is needed to generate revenue that you have always dreamed of. Through understanding of great customer service that the “FIRE DEPARTMENT” taught me, I am using it to help you and your business or services, light it on “FIRE” and Get your business the expose it needs.

Even though our Services are free we do have some premium deals on Management of websites, commercial video shooting and editing, advertising, product exposure and so many more tools to help you with business and all for a cheap and reasonable price for ALL.

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